Cosmetology School

The Cosmetology program is a sequence of courses that prepare students for careers in the field of cosmetology.  Learning opportunities develop academic and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes specialized training in safety, sanitation, state laws, rules and regulations, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, skin, hair, and nail diseases and disorders, hair treatments and manipulations, hair shaping, hair styling, artificial hair, braiding / intertwining hair, chemical reformation and application, skin and nail care, hair coloring, hair lightening, reception, sales management, math, reading, writing, interpersonal relations development, computer skills, employability skills, and work ethics.

Program graduates receive a Cosmetology diploma and are employable as a cosmetology salesperson, cosmetologist, salon manager, or a salon owner.


Some of the unique benefits of our Cosmetology School:


  • Acomodating &  flexible hours                                         
  • Affordable & interest-free tuition & financial plan.                                                                                         
  • Experienced & personable teachers to meet you where you are.           
  • Always enrolling with an ongoing cirriculum                                             
  • Hands on practice with professional products used in well known salons and spas                                                                                   
  • Extremely high success rate of hiring immediately after graduation

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Thu 9:30-3:30

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